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About Us

Mister Good Credit began in July of 2001, when my wife and I 
found ourselves in what I'm sure is a very similar situation to what 
you are experiencing right now.  You see, the city in which we live 
voted in a large tax increase, and we also experienced a reduction in 
income all at the same time.  In other words we found ourselves in the 
precarious position of having more bills than money.  I'm sure you 
know what happens to your credit profile when experience this type 
of problem.

Our credit was a mess, and I had to find a way to solve the problem.  I 
started looking for help, and what I found scared me to death.  I 
found unlicensed people working out of their garages and charging 
discount prices.  I found large companies charging as much as 
$3,000 plus item fees.  I even found multi-level companies that were 
more interested in getting me to sign up to sell credit repair than to 
actually help me fix my credit.  Most of these companies had very 
little if any guarantees and promised impossible things and some 
times even illegal things.

Being a school teacher, I decided to go to the library and do some 
research.  What I found was that, (in direct contrast to what your 
creditor's want you to think) the laws governing our credit profiles, 
and the debt collecting practices of these creditors, are very much in 
our favor.  I found the information I needed to solve my own 
problem, and fix my credit myself.  Shortly after this, many of my 
friends asked me to help them, and what I realized was that I have a 
lot of information that the general public needs.  Thus Mister Good Credit 
was born...

Unfortunately the system that is being used by our creditors, and the 
credit bureaus is an unfair system with many flaws.  It is a system 
whereby we are guilty until proven innocent, which is in direct 
contradiction to our constitutional rights as a citizen in the USA.  
Then on top of everything else, when you do try to exercise your 
rights, and clean up the situation, you cannot get anyone to tell you 
who to contact, how to fix obvious errors, or even what the scoring 
formula is so that you can determine what would help.  We are trying 
to win a game that we don't even know the rules to.

To make a long story short, we are here to help you, and will help 
you.  My wife Patty, and myself are the entire company, and we will 
personally be handling your credit repair from the first dispute to the 
last.  We are the only people with access to your information, and we 
will answer the phone when you have questions.  You will not be 
turned over to some "Big Company" with a receptionist, who does not 
have a clue to whom you are, or anything about your file, trying to 
answer your questions.

We also want you to know that we do not advertise our business at all. 
 That means that the only way our business continues to exist is if we 
do a good job of helping you.  You see, all of our new clients come 
directly from referrals, and if you are not happy with our service, 
then you will not send us your friends and family.  We feel that this is 
the best way for us to not ever forget how important each and every 
client is to us.

Patty and I are honored that you are considering us, and we will not 
let you down.  Please feel free to contact us any time, for any reason.  
We will be happy to help in any way we can.


Mike Powell